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Ryan Thomas Meyer, CFP ®
As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), my mission is to always do what is best for your financial performance. My approach leverages my firm’s team of in-house specialists, especially the research and investment team – IFP Investment Advisory Group. Our collective knowledge and experience allows us to customize investment strategies to your needs, and offer valuable insight into macroeconomic trends.

I work with individuals, families, and small businesses (both ownership and their teams). My firm offers a client-customized, results-focused approach to financial planning and wealth management through various investment strategies and vehicles. We also take advantage of financial planning software to help answer many of the unique questions you may have, and to provide periodic reassessments of investment strategies as your needs and resources change over time.

My goal is to nurture long-term relationships with clients. With this long-term emphasis, my approach is comprehensive and includes investment management and monitoring, college planning, asset preservation, as well as retirement and estate planning. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “standardized” solution when it comes to financial advice, as everyone’s situation is unique, and opportunities and risks are constantly evolving. I first listen to your individual needs and goals and then think objectively in terms of how to meet them.

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